Google’s New Note Taking App Appears, Then Disappears

Google may have killed its RSS feed reader, but the company may have a new note-taking app in the works. It’s called Google Keep, but it may not be ready for public consumption just yet.

According to a report on Android Police, the app hit Google Play this morning and then disappeared a couple of hours later. Here is more from the blog: “Google Keep works a lot like Google Notebook used to: There’s a list of notes, and you can color-code them, save pictures, and make checklists. You can archive notes, which will send them to a section at the bottom of your list.”

This is kind of annoying that they put it out there and then took it away so quickly. Lets hope no reporters and writers reading this blog post downloaded and used the app only to have their notes disappear. That seems pretty unlikely since it wasn’t live for too long, and it probably wouldn’t just disappear from your device just because it is gone from the store.