Google’s New Journalist Toolset Can Land Your Stories in Google News

google media toolsGoogle has a new toolset for exploring news online, which are aimed at helping journalists from background research to publication.

Google’s new Media Tools helps you get your stories into Google News’ reader by making sure that your site is on the radar of Google’s web crawler. Check it out: “To find articles from your site in Google News, you can use our “site:” operator. Simply enter “site:” followed by the domain of your site and click on “Search News.” Check out this page for more information on how to perform a search in Google News.”

The toolset also includes an advanced search feature that lets you search by freshness, region, and domain. There is also a new image search function that lets you search by image size and by copyright. A new search tool also allows you to search court cases and academic papers which were previously only accessible through subscriptions. There is also a new tool called Google News Archive where you can search out historical stories.

Google also has a new suite of trend analytics that lets you analyze search trends from around the world, identifying searches that spike based on a news cycle. There is also a new survey tool that you can use to do your own research for a small fee.

Google’s tools also help you create your own Google Maps to help you tell your story.