Google’s new Digital Magazine is Having Some Teething Troubles

Google launched a new digital magazine yesterday called Think Quarterly. Yes, the company dedicated  to getting you information you need as fast as possible has decided to take a step back and contemplate the longer view.

Unfortunately, the site appears to  have crashed under the load, so when I send you there the link might not work.

Google is calling it a short book, and apparently there’s also a print edition. Curiously enough, the online version is Flash based, not HTML5 or any Google tech. It’s a very clean design, though.

The first edition is dedicated to Data, with a big D. The top story in the 62-page magazine is a look at Vodafone CEO Guy Laurence’s insights on data overload. The stories are written by Google staffers as well as freelancers, and they range in topic and scope, though they all stick to the main theme of data.

When the site is back online I’m sure it will be an interesting read.

Think Quarterly