Google’s Apple Rejection Letter to FCC Published: Why Voice & Latitude iPhone Apps Were Both Rejected

Google’s Public Policy Blog noted that an unredacted copy of their letter to the FCC has been posted on the FCC’s website…

Our complete letter to the FCC regarding Google Voice for iPhone

If you look at Google Reponse 2 (to FCC Qusetion 2) on page 3 of the document, you’ll see something I completely forgot about: Google Voice isn’t the only Google iPhone app that Apple rejected. Apple also rejected the Google Latitude app that lets you see where your friends are (and vice versa).

Apple’s reason for rejecting both apps were because they (Apple) do not want applications that could potentially replace such functionality.

The rejection reason for Google Latitude is especially interesting since the preloaded iPhone maps app was developed by Google and Apple want to avoid the two Google Apps (maps and Latitude) confusing users.