Google’s Acquisition Shows It’s Hungry for More Digital Video Advertising

Buys mDialog to serve promos across screens

Google is buying mDialog, a small player in the digital video ad space to add to the search giant's DoubleClick collection.

Canada-based mDialog provides technology to major media companies such as broadcasters, who use it to serve ads against their shows wherever they run digitally—across screens.

“We’re committed to offering more ways for publishers to monetize live, linear and on-demand video content across all screens,” Google said in a blog post announcing its mDialog acquisition. “While nothing’s changing for their customers immediately, over time we’ll work with the mDialog team to incorporate their technology and expertise into our DoubleClick product suite.”

Google did not reveal what it paid for mDialog.

Google has been focused on digital video advertising, recently launching a special market called Google Partner Select for online publishers to sell commercials against their content.

"Getting video right for both brands and content creators is a major focus for us," said Neal Mohan, Google's vp of video and display advertising.

Moving forward, mDialog serves ads to Xbox and Apple TV, television video on demand, smartphones, and a number of other connected devices. The company emphasizes addressability data, which identifies whether ads are targeted to the right consumer.

It also has technology that can serve linear TV advertising, a growing area of interest, especially for broadcasters. Video ad serving is evolving online and via television, and more media companies are investing in automated platforms to buy and sell commercials across screens and devices.

Such programmatic technology is starting to allow marketers to order and target large digital audiences wherever they are. 

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