Google’s 6 Mobile Ads Recommendations for Retailers & How Their Tablet Focus Differs from Apple’s

The Google Mobile Ads Blog provides six mobile advertising trends and recommendations to retailers in their latest blog entry.

Mobile Insights: Retailers, are you reaching one of your biggest opportunities – mobile users?

Here’s my take at converting all of them to recommendations:

1. Make your mobile presence engaging. This means maximizing the use of touch interfaces and gesture navigation.

2. It is important to have a presence that will be in local search results.

3. Provide special offers to people who find your mobile presence.

4. Make sure your mobile presence works on both phones and tablets. More than 165 million tablets are expected to ship in the next two years

5. Separate but tie together your conventional desktop and mobile campaigns. One study indicates that 20% of people start a search on a desktop and finalize purchases on a mobile device.

6. Measure mobile differently; don’t measure success solely on mobile sales broadly. Think of conversions differently — metrics such as a store look-up, customer sign-up, redemption of an offer in store, or app downloads are important. Tablets, on the other hand, have shown very strong eCommerce ROI, especially in retail, and can be measured more like desktop.

On a slightly unreleated note, here’s something that struck me as I read through Google’s information and looked at the screenshots: Google looks at tablets as a way to sell more ads. The tablet’s underlying platform design is secondary to selling ads.. Apple designs tablets (the iPad) to sell more tablets. The tablet design is primary. Google’s focus may need to shift now that they will have an Android hardware arm (Motorola Mobility),