Googlers Convert to Facebookism

Yesterday, news that Benjamin Link one of the early Google developers was heading for Facebook. He’s not the only one leaving Google. Alex Chitu has posted that he left for Facebook back in July and loves working there. In spreading the good news, Alex says, “Facebook really is That company. Which company? That one. That company that shows up once in a very long while — the Google of yesterday, the Microsoft of long ago.”

Those are pretty strong words from Alex. I have had the opportunity to speak to a number of Facebook employees and they seem just as thrilled to be working for the company. Perhaps that’s because they all have decent sized stock options or maybe it really is just that good to work there. Whatever the case, Facebook is attracting some of the most intelligent individuals from around the country, an activity that Google once dominated.

While there are still fanatic Google employees (I am friends with some of them), Facebook has been receiving all the buzz recently. Even while Google’s stock has soared, helping them to command close to a $200 billion market capitalization, Facebook continues to generate a similar amount of buzz as Google. So when will this buzz die down? Is this buzz going to grow past an IPO or will Facebook miss their opportunity as some have been saying?

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