Google X Seeking ‘Mental Diversity’ In Candidates

Want to work at the super Sci-Fi cool, Google X?We attended the Google presentation during OpenCoSF and have some tips for you on how to land a job.Hint: be a little weird.

Want to work at the super Sci-Fi cool, Google X?

We attended the Google presentation during OpenCoSF and have some tips for you on how to land a job.

Hint: be a little weird.

Google was a participant in the recent tech company open house event, OpenCoSF. And during its 45 minute presentation, the Google Monster focused on Google X, courtesy of its Director of New Projects, Astro Teller.

First off: Don’t worry, a cool name is not a requirement for landing a job at Google X (we imagine), but there are a few points to keep in mind if you plan to apply. You should be very intelligent, of course – and respected in your field, as one would expect when competing for any job worth having. Outside of that you should be:

A risk taker. Google X folks are “responsibly irresponsible.” If you’re not comfortable with stepping outside of your comfort zone, Google is not the place for you.

Different. If you know someone who works at Google X and you’re a lot like them, step aside (unless the next listed criteria also applies). Google X seeks “mentally diverse” candidates to staff its labs. If everyone was thinking the same way, nothing new and responsibly irresponsible would get thought up, now would it?

Weird. Now this list is getting interesting, hmm? So yes, in addition to being very smart, a risk-taker and mentally diverse, “people who do well at Google X tend to be a little weird,” according to Teller.

So do you think you fit the bill to work at what is (quite possibly) the coolest job around?

(Google image from Shutterstock)