Google Voice To Be Sprint's Voice Mail

Earlier today Todd wrote about the new Sprint Nexus S, which is a CDMA version of the T-Mobile GSM Samsung Nexus S currently being sold by Google and Best Buy. The announcement is significant in that it provides both CDMA and GSM versions of Google’s flagship phone. In light of AT&T’s intent to acquire T-Mobile, it appears Sprint is now going to be Google’s prime mobile operator partner.

Google’s apparent new partnership with Sprint goes beyond just the sale of the Nexus S because Sprint is also replacing their current voice mail service with Google Voice. Sprint customers will be able to have their current mobile number be their Google Voice number, which allows calls to that number to ring on multiple phones, such as landline home and work phones. Sprint customers will also be able to make and receive phone calls on their PC using the Gmail voice calling feature that is integrated with Google Voice. Outbound calls will display the Sprint number in Caller ID, and text messages can be sent from Gmail voice calling and will show the Sprint phone number.

Neither Google or Sprint have provided a date for when the new service will be available. Sprint customers can sign-up to receive an e-mail notification for when the service is available. It is also not known when the Sprint Nexus S will be available, but I expect that it will have the Sprint integration built-in, so look for the Nexus S launch to mark the availability date of the Sprint Google Voice service.