Google Voice Tip: Initiate Voice Calls From Your iPad

I’ve found the ability to receive and make phone calls from inside of Gmail on my desktop to be very useful. The sound quality from my desktop speakers is far better than any handset or headset I’ve ever used. The Gmail Blog just announced that this feature is now supported in a lot more languanges and that long distance voice calls are a bit cheaper now.

Calling from Gmail now in 38 languages, with lower rates to over 150 destinations

So, what does this have to do with mobile? Although, the Google Gmail Blog article doesn’t directly say so, this calling feature is Google Voice. So, if you configure for Gmail phone calls, you can also configure Googel Voice to work with your cell phone and/or landline too. Here’s a neat trick if you assign your Google Voice number to work with your cell phone or landline and have an iPad.

The Google Voice for iPhone app works on the iPad. While the iPad cannot directly make voice calls (it is great for text messaging), you can use it as a phone number dialer for your other phones. Here’s how it works: Tap out the phone number in Google Voice on an iPad, then press Call. Google Voice will ask which phone you want to make the call on. Select the physical phone you want to use (cell or landline) and Google Voice will dial that phone and then dial the party you are calling. Google Voice then connects the two lines together to complete the call.