Google Voice Now Freely Available To Anyone In The USA

One of the best new Google releases over the last few years has been Google Voice. The service provides you with a phone number and the ability to route one number to all your phones, or voice mail that routes to your Google account to make sure you can access it. The service is now available to all customers across the United States, no matter what carrier you want.

The Google Voice service allows you to get transcripts of voice mail, and send text messages. You can have customizable filters to define how your phone number reacts to different people that are calling. The service has an integrated voice player that is available on your Gmail, and is probably going to be integrated with Android phones at some point, making an unbeatable combination. Google is gearing up to start providing an end to end phone and data service that helps you navigate the entire world of data. Their only missing link is a cohesive social network.