Google Voice Invitations On Their Way

If one of my rare examples of good fortune, I signed up for’s free web-based voicemail unification service just a week before they announced being bought buy Google and shutting down new account creations. I like the service so much that I used my GrandCentral phone number on new business cards. Many months went buy after the announced purchase and I began to worry if Google would shut down GrandCentral as it had with so many other promising purchased web services. Fortunately, Google finally announced the relaunched Google Voice service in March. In my relief I stopped tracking Google Voice and assumed it had been opened up to all comers shortly thereafter. Well, I was wrong about that. The good news is that Google announced…

Google Voice rolling out new invites

So, if you requested a Google Voice account a while back, check your inbox, you may have a note from Google telling you to complete your signup request.

YouTube video courtesy of Google