Google Updates ADT Plugin for Eclipse, NDK & SDK for Android

Google released updated Android developer tools this week.

Download the Android NDK

Revision 3 of the Native Development Kit (NDK) provides support for the OpenGL ES 2.0 native library. This gives developers the option of creating high performance graphics routines in C or C++.

Android SDK Tools r5

The update to the Software Development Kit (SDK) provides more modest changes. However, Mac developers will find that it is not supported to develop software if their Mac is running the two generation old Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger release. Leopard (10.5) or Snow Leopard (10.6) are the supported platforms.

ADT Plugin for Eclipse

The Android Development Tools (ADT) plugin for use with the Open Source Eclipse IDE (Integrated Development Environment) was updated too. It is now at version 0.9.6.

Via CNET: Android coders get high-speed graphics ability