Google TV Turns Android Into The Dominant App Platform

This morning in San Francisco, Google announced Google TV, the company’s interactive platform for televisions. In addition to letting users search through television content and web content, developers will be able to build interactive applications and controllers for the television device. This follows the three-screen (mobile, computer, tv) strategy that most technology companies are pursuing currently.

While we can only imagine that Apple, Microsoft, and other technology companies are pursuing similar strategies, Google is the first to announce their television strategy. Google will actually offer a device that will interact with your television, cable box, and other set top devices. This platform will truly transform television and could potentially shake up other industries, especially the games industry.

Additionally, the concept of having all of your electronic devices working together is a powerful one. In addition to using your phone as a controller, any device you have can theoretically service as a controller. Information exchange between devices is completely seamless. It’s also clearly a direct competitor to still unannounced Apple television platform which.

Having open platforms for developers is important for continued innovation and given that the web in the ultimate platform on Google TV, developers and consumers win. Another interesting competitor to this will be Verizon, who is trying to pitch FIOS as a platform as well as potentially Comcast who was rumored to be working on a similar platform.

By enabling Google TV to run on devices, the company has the opportunity to gain mass adoption rapidly as consumers won’t need to switch between their cable and internet service providers to have a more robust interactive experience. We’re continuing to watch the Google TV announcement live right now, but it’s clear that this is definitely a step toward the integration of television with all of our other digital devices.