Google Trips Trip-Planning App Launches on iOS, Android

The trip-planning app was designed to help users plan each day of their trips in the top 200 cities in the world.

Google announced the release of Google Trips on iOS and Android. The trip-planning application was designed to help users plan each day of their trips in the top 200 cities in the world.

With Google Trips, users can browse a list of suggested day plans for each city, which feature the “most popular daily itineraries” for each location. Each day plan contains multiple sights, and is based on a theme or on one or more neighborhoods. For instance, one of the San Francisco day plans is called “San Francisco with Kids,” and it features three suggested attractions for users traveling with children.

Google Trips Screenshots

Elsewhere, if a user knows a specific attraction they’d like to visit, they can pin the location on a map, and the app will suggest additional attractions to visit around that location. Users can customize their recommendations by specifying whether they’d like to fill time just in the morning or in the afternoon, or whether they’d like to fill the whole day.

Once the app suggests destinations to visit, users can pin any suggested spots they like, and they can tap a magic wand button to receive additional attraction suggestions until they’ve completed their day plans.

Finally, if users have already made travel plans, the app will pull in their reservations from Gmail, and it will organize these details into the proper trips.

Outside of the app’s Day Plan feature, users can browse each city’s attractions in a “Things to Do” section. Depending on the city, the app may also include “Food & Drink,” “Getting Around” and “Need to Know” sections containing additional information about a city.

After users create trips in the app, they can access their trip information offline by downloading each trip to their devices. Users can also access their reservation information while they’re offline.

Google Trips is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.