Google tries cross-promoting Chrome for Mobile via web version

Now that it’s out of beta, it appears Google is cross-promoting the mobile version of Chrome with a link in the web version of the browser.

Earlier this morning when we opened a new tab in Chrome, we noticed a small text-only ad for Chrome for Mobile appeared at the top of the page. It drives users to a web page with links to the iTunes app store and Google play. The ad doesn’t seem to appear consistently though. After seeing the ad display several times this morning, we haven’t seen it since.

Even if Google is only testing the promotional link, the move is a smart one. In May, Chrome overtook Microsoft’s Internet Explorer to become the most popular web-browser in the world. According to Statcounter, Chrome currently commands 32.85 percent of all Internet traffic worldwide, making even a small, text-only ad that appears intermittently a very powerful promotion tool.

So far, the Chrome for Mobile app has been popular on both iOS and Android. According to our traffic tracking service AppData, Chrome is currently the No. 5 free iPhone app and the No. 2 free iPad app in the U.S. In the U.K. Chrome is the No. 7 free iPhone app and the No. 3 free iPad app. Google released the iOS version of the app on Thursday, June 28. The Android version meanwhile, has been downloaded over a million times.