Google Travel Now Shows Interior Photos of Airport Terminals and Airplanes

Travel is getting a big update on Google, users can now plan their trips with more insight onto the places where they start and end – the terminal. For the most part, people are more excited about their destination, but terminals can often be exiting. For example, the Madrid-Barajas Airport’s Terminal 4 is a spectacular piece of architecture worth experiencing. Designed by Antonio Lamela and Richard Rogers, it’s one of the world’s largest terminals topped with undulating wooden structure.

Check in at Madrid Barajas, ES

Here’s the official announcement:

Now you can visit the check-in counter of your airline in Madrid, map out the way from baggage claim to the bus at Tokyo International Airport and check out where to pick up your rental car at Eindhoven Airport; you can even scope out your seat on an Emirates flight from Dubai!

Or, if you’re planning to take the train, navigate through Waterloo station so you can be one step ahead, whether you’re with a group of friends, family or a baby stroller.

Of course, the photos of airplane interiors are also worth seeing, or not seeing, depending on your fear of flying. Personally, I think it’s a curios feature that makes me think of visually induced claustrophobia, thought the experience is a lot better than it looks.

Emirates A380 at Dubai Airport