Google Training Doc Confirms Nexus 7 Android Tablet

Some companies try to maintain a sense of mystery about their product launches – even going so far as to treat the specs and other details like life or death secrets. But not Google.

Gizmodo Australia is reporting that they got their hands on a leaked training doc. It was slipped to them by an insider ant Google Australia, and it confirms much of what had already been leaked.

The Nexus 7 isgoing to be a 7″ tablet running Android Jelly Bean on a 1.3Ghz quad-core Tegra 3 CPU.   It also has 1 GB of RAM and a 12-core GPU as well as an NFC chip (but no camera). Near field communications is the hot new tech right now and it seems likely that this chip will let you buy things simply by swiping your tablet at an appropriate scanner.

The training doc also mentions that the Nexus 7 will come in 2 models, with either 8GB and 16GB of Flash storage. The 8GB model will set you back $199 and the 16GB will cost $249. There’s no word on collectivity but it seems likely that these are Wifi tablets without a 3G/4G chip.

So, do you think you’ll get one? It’s probably going to be launched later this week at Google I/O. Current rumors suggest that it will ship in July.