Google Toolbar Labs Mobile Search with My Location: Doesn’t Work for Me!

The Official Google Blog suggests that we…
Try out new features in Google Toolbar Labs
Its function is to get your geographic location using WiFi access point information and then provide localized search results based on your location. Sounds good, right? So, I downloaded and installed it on my Asus Eee PC 1000HA netbook running Windows 7 Beta. Here’s what I found…
– The toolbar only works with Interet Explorer. This means it only works with Microsoft Windows. And, even when I use Microsoft Windows (on my netbook for example), I rarely use Internet Explorer as my browser
– My Location located me in the correct city but displayed a map for a town thounsands of miles away and resulted in local search results for that mapped city instead of mine
– It only works in the U.S. This is fine for me and 300+ million other people. But, it sort of reduces its value to the other 6+ billion people in the world