Google Toolbar for IE Gets the Orkut Icon

I find it really amazing that despite the popularity of both MySpace and Facebook and Twitter and Friendfeed as a web application for connecting to people online, there are still some other social networking sites which managed to stay on, do their thing and gets ample membership base. One of this sites is the Google-owned Orkut. And the site just got a little boost thanks to the Google Toolbar for IE Browser which got the Orkut tab right smack on the toolbar.

So what does this mean and what’s the relevance of having a social networking site or any site for that matter sitting on your browser’s toolbar? Quick access to its services including its login page as well as a more helpful search facility.

The Orkut search box sits right on the upper-left hand side of the toolbar and you need pull it down from the pull-down search menu. So, you can pretty much find something on the Orkut site anytime something pop into your mind even when in the middle of doing something more important.

In addition to the Orkut search tab in the new Google Toolbar for the Internet Explorer, you can also add a custom button on the toolbar for pulling out the Orkut sign-in page. Again, another useful feature for boosting the use of Orkut and to give existing Orkut members an easy time when visiting their Orkut community.

If only this Orkut button for the sign-in page would be loaded as one of the default buttons in the toolbar and not as an opt-in feature, Orkut could possible gain more membership coming from those who will get curious upon seeing the button on their Google toolbar and would hopefully click on it bringing them to the Orkut site. If Orkut gets lucky, those curious users might actually sign-up. Hence adding some new members to the Orkut community.

Still for those current Orkut members, these two new features are certainly most welcome.