Google To Pull Plug On Indie eBook Selling

Google is no longer the friend to indie bookstores that it was pretending to be. The company has decided to end its program that lets indie booksellers sell eBooks through their platform. The program will come to a halt in January 2013.

Claiming that the program had “not gained the traction,” Google digital publishing director Scott Dougall announced the news in blog post in which he wrote: “This change will help us focus on building the best e-books experience we can across hundreds of devices with millions of books. Books will continue to be a major content pillar alongside apps, music and movies in the Google Play store.”

The Associated Press has more: “Publishers and booksellers had hoped that Google’s e-book store would cut into’s lead in the digital market. Some complained that the Mountain View, Calif.-based Google Inc. was reluctant to promote the service, which launched in 2010.”

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