Google This: Yahoo Is Number One Among Search Engines

Check your monitor. Reboot the computer. Pick it up and shake it like an Etch-a-Sketch. You read that headline correctly. According to comScore Media Metrix, online shopping — from back-to-school to coupon clipping — saw a considerable spike in Q2. Yeah for retailers, but the headline is yeah for…Yahoo? 

September marked the third month in a row that Yahoo claimed the first position, this time at 197,774 unique visitors to Yahoo sites from desktop devices. This is up from August at 196,432. I don’t know if it’s that flashy not-so-new logo or the CEO’s wannabe Maxim cover story, but there it is. Yahoo trumping the almighty Google.

Who woulda thunk it? In an interview with Forbes, that would be comScore VP of industry analysis Andrew Lipsman. 

Lipsman points out that even with its troubles in recent years, Yahoo has never been far behind, so the gain is probably due chiefly to seasonal or month-to-month variations. Indeed, Yahoo with almost 197 million unique monthly visitors only barely pulled ahead of Google, with 192 million. Google’s traffic includes not only its search page but YouTube as well. Microsoft (MSFT +5.92%), Facebook, and AOL rounded out the top five.

Mobile traffic (which is not considered by comScore) notwithstanding, this is still impressive to see in print. Yahoo’s search capabilities has been scorned by Google, Ask, AOL and Bing users alike. They have worked diligently to improve its algorithms for a more conversational flow, much like Hummingbird has brought to the flock. They even bought Tumblr for $1.2 billion in May.

More importantly, Google has been playing ‘King of the Mountain’ since July 2011. And now, they were kicked smooth off the top by some chick wearing purple, five-inch stilettos. UX is on the rise. And the positive comments are pouring in. Maybe that old tagline will make a comeback, “Do you Yahoo?”

Haven’t seen that. Google it. It was a good campaign.