Google Sped Up Google Voice Dialing in the Android & BlackBerry Apps

Google Voice is Google’s vision of what voice mail, text messaging, and voice communication can be like. It is, quite frankly, quite amazing. I’ve been using it since it was called GrandCentral (prior to Google’s purchase of the service). One of its useful features is the ability to tie a second telephone number to a mobile phone. If you have the Google Voice app for Android or BlackBerry installed, you can dial out using this number. This means that the person called will see your Google Voice number on their Caller ID display. However, this process took a bit of time since Google’s servers needed to get involved to make this third party call setup. Google updated the Android and BlackBerry apps to use faster process to make these outgoing calls using your Google number. So, if you update your app, you should be getting a faster dialing experience now.
Faster dialing with Google Voice on Android and Blackberry devices