Google Shuts Down Slide: Photovine & PoolParty for iPhone Gone Just Weeks After Their Release [UPDATED]

Technology moves fast. But, Google has been moving a lot faster than usual to shut down projects. Let’s take a look at the recent history of Google’s media sharing subsidiary Slide. Google bought Slide for $182 million a year ago (August 2010). Slide went public with two photo sharing mobile apps this month.

Aug. 5, 2011: Google/Slide Pool Party for Android & iPhone: Real-time Photo Sharing

Aug. 18, 2011: Google Photovine Open to Everyone Now. Doesn’t Play Well With Other Googlely Things

A mere week after PhotoVines’ service becomes widely available, we learn that Google is shutting down all of Slide’s products except for something called

All Things D: Exclusive: Max Levchin to Leave Google as Slide Is Shut Down

TechCrunch: Bloody Thursday: Google Deadpools All Slide Products Except One

This must have caught Slide’s development team by surprise because they just had an update for Photovine for iPhone go live on Wednesday (Aug. 24). I guess my Aug. 18 blog title might have provided a clue that things weren’t quite on target for Slide’s otherwise interesting products: Google Photovine Open to Everyone Now. Doesn’t Play Well With Other Googlely Things.

This was posted on Slide’s blog after the first version of this Social Times blog item was posted:

Update on Slide’s products and our commitment to our users


Most importantly, we wanted to take this opportunity to reassure you that we’re committed to helping our users preserve their data as easily as possible. We recognize that many of you have stored valuable content with us and want to assure you that, wherever possible, you will have ample time to download that information or transfer it to another service.