Google Search to Show Content from Facebook Pages in Real-Time

As part of Google’s wide-ranging announcement today about new real-time search features, it says it will begin showing the real-time results of public content that appears on Facebook Pages. This specifically means that any brand, famous individual or other Page owner who shares status updates or media like videos or photos from their Page will get this content showing up in real-time Google search results, which could increase SEO traffic for Facebook Pages.

Microblogging service Twitter recently announced a deal with Google to do the same, and today, so has MySpace. We don’t know if users who make personal status updates publicly accessible will soon be getting that content in real-time results as well.

Facebook and Google had said a deal was in the works during the Web 2.0 conference earlier this fall; then, Microsoft announced a deal to include all publicly-available status updates within its Bing search engine.