Google Search app for Windows Phone 7: But, Gasp, Bing Might Be Better

There’s a lot of reasons to admire Google. One reason is that they keep to their belief for their success: Anything that increases web use is good for Google. True to that belief, they released a Google Search app for a new competitive platform: Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.

Google Search app for Windows Phone 7 – in the Marketplace now

However, and this might come as a surprise to some, Microsoft’s Bing for Windows Phone 7 provides a better search experience. To others this makes perfect sense since it is a Microsoft search product on a Microsoft mobile platform. Bing for Windows Phone 7 provides instant search as you type just as Google’s app does. When searching for food services like the example in Google’s screenshots above, Bing goes one step further by displaying a small map with restaurant search results on it. Bing’s text results are also easier to read. Google’s app does provide one feature that Bing does not: Image search results in a series of thumbnails.

A Bing search can be initiated by simply tapping the magnifying glass soft button on the bottom right of a Windows Phone 7 front panel. This provides a definite reduced step count for search just as Google’s own default search does on an Android phone.

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