Google Search App for iPad Gets Visual Enhancements

Google released a new version of its iOS search app that includes significant enhancements for iPad users. Enhancements includes the Google Instant feature that displays results as you type. Google web apps are also easy to find and use from the updated search app. You can see what the first of two app pages looks like in the first screenshot here.

The new Google Search app for iPad

Picking a web site from the search results list brings up a slide-in pane that displays the web page. Web pages can also be given a +1.

The app also has a new way to to view images resulting from a search. You can get an idea of what the new image carousel looks like in the second screenshot here.

The Next Web has an interesting take on this update. Matthew Panzarino wrote:

Google just used its Search app to sneak most of Chrome OS onto the iPad

Yes, this is a somewhat silly notion since Google’s Chrome OS is an entire, if restricted, version of Linux. In the body of the article Panzarino clarifies this by writing Note that I say core elements, because there are aspects of Chrome OS that are obviously not represented here. Still, it is an interesting notion that Google’s Search App is a kind of Google gateway to services.

You can find the update for Google Search for iOS here.

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