Google Says Tablet Users Multitasking While Watching TV & Expect Interactive Ads

How are people using their tablets to multitask? What two activities are going on right on the tablet and nearby? Where are people using their tablets? These are the questions Google asked and claim to have answers for.

Consumers on tablet devices: having fun, shopping and engaging with ads

The big loser appears to be “attention paid to TV programs.” Google’s data (from unstated sources using unstated research techniques) shows that the six major activities measured are all done frequently while “watching TV”: Email, music listening, playing games, social networking, searching and checking weather. Four of these six activities are also done while eating or drinking. The two that are done less frequently when eating or drinking are listening to music and playing games.

Email still dominates tablet activity. This is frequently done when watching TV or eating and driking. Social networking appears to be a popular activity when watching TV, eating or drinking and getting dressed.

And where do these activities frequently take place? It looks like tablet use is definitely a lean back or, perhaps, lay down activity. The bed and couch are favorite places for email, game play, social networking, searching and shopping. The kitchen got first place for listening to music. The office showed less frequency for all of the measure activities. However, music listening was the most frequent thing done there followed by email, search and (ahem) playing games.

A final interesting finding is that Google’s research found that tablet users expect ads to be more interactive on that platform compared to the desktop.