Google Says Fix In Works For Android 2.3 Reboots

Last week at this time I picked up my Nexus S to discover an update had been pushed to it. Turned out the update removed the SMS bug that existed in Android 2.3 and 2.2. As I wrote earlier this week, Android 2.3 still has a very significant bug that causes the phone to reboot during phone conversations. While Google has not yet pushed an update that fixes the reboot bug, they did announce that they have a fix for the bug and that it should be pushed in a couple of weeks.

Google has had a problem of not meeting announced dates for updates recently, so I take their claim of a fix being available in a couple of weeks with a grain of salt. Almost a month passed between Google acknowledging that they could recreate the SMS bug and when they pushed that fix. Still, I am encouraged that Google has said they have a fix and are in the final stages of testing. Hopefully Google will also fix their quality assurance processes to prevent these type of bugs from reoccurring in future versions of Android.