Google Rumored to be Working on Siri Competitor: “Majel”

Google’s next product could bring a tear to the eye of Trekkies everywhere.

AndroidAndMe is reporting that Google’s own voice activated assistant could launch before the end of the year. According to their sources, the project is code named Majel, in honor of Majel Barret. Any Star Trek fan should recognize the name; she was the voice of all computers in 4 of the 5 Star Trek series. She also guest-starred in  of those series.

Project Majel is the next step for Google’s Voice Actions, a voice recognition app that is currently available on many Android phones.  Majel improves on the existing code by adding natural language processing, and that is going to enable you to interact with Majel using your normal language, not specific commands (pretty much like those Siri commercials). AAM is also reporting that just the search options will be working in the first release, and that other more advanced features (including controlling phone actions and apps) will be added in later releases.

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to the first time that Siri gets in a conversation with Majel.  If both contestants are electronic, does it still qualify as a battle of the wits?


image by San Marcos