Google rolls out improved developer console, adds user ratings analytics, automatic translations

Google has rolled out a revamped version of the Google Play developer console.

Originally teased at the I/O developer conference earlier this year, the new version of the Google Play developer console promises to be easier to use and navigate, particularly for developers with multiple apps. It also now allows developers to automatically translate and publish their Google Play app listings (but not the apps themselves) into 49 languages.

In addition, Google has beefed up the analytics side of the developer console, adding new statistics that allow developers to track user ratings by country, language, version and even device.

Developers who wish to try the new version can do so by logging into their standard developer console and selecting the “try the new version” link in the page header. At this time multiple APK support, APK Expansion Files and announcements are not supported in the new developer console, but are still accessible through the old version.

As is typical for Google, both versions of the developer console will be available for the foreseeable future, as Google solicits Feedback on the new console and continues to roll out improvements.