Google+ Rolls Out “Find My Face” — Will You Opt In?

After announcing details of the program last week, Google Plus is slowly rolling out their new “Find My Face” feature to G+ users.  The new service will automatically send a Google robot to your front door to determine whether your face is still on your head — just kidding.  The service will look at your photos and detect the features of your face, and then whenever your contacts upload a photo with you in it, Google Plus will suggest that you be tagged.

Unlike Facebook’s version of the feature, Google has chosen to keep the service totally opt-in, which is certainly a positive step.  It underscores Google’s opportunity to navigate around the choppy waters of user privacy concerns — Google just simply has to learn from Facebook’s mistakes.

That said, Google’s “Photo Tag Suggest” is a activated by default, and that means when you upload a photo, Google will still scan the faces and compare it to all of your contacts who’ve opted in to let their faces be auto-detected.

Image: olly via Shutterstock