Google Responds to Last Week's Android Market Malware Apps Issues

Apple’s iOS App Store and Google’s Android Market provide two vastly different perspectives on the effects of app gatekeeping controls.

On one hand, Apple keeps such a tight rein on what is allowed into the App Store and how the app functions that many developers and content providers feel frustrated. On the other hand, Google provides no app gatekeeping at all for their Android Market. One result of this approach was malicious malware apps appearing in the Android Market last week Tuesday. The particulars of the malware apps are provided in this Android Market Help item. The malware afflicted Android devices running version 2.2.1 or older.

March 2011 Security Issue

The official Google Mobile Blog reported over the weekend that the apps have been removed from the Android Market and that the developer accounts associated with the apps have been suspended. Google is also pushing a security update for the Android Market to fix the effects of the malware apps. The blog item notes that Google is working to prevent similar exploits in the future.

An Update on Android Market Security

It will be interesting to see how Amazon’s Android store will deal with the issue of controls when accepting apps and vetting them for end-user safety.