Google Removes Fake ‘Virus Shield’ App

virus shieldOn Sunday, Android Police cracked down on a fake app that rose prominently to the #1 position in the Paid Apps category of Google Play. Virus Shield has since been removed from the Play Store, but not before over 10,000 users paid $3.99 for an app that did essentially nothing.


It’s a simple app to download and activate – basically, with a push of a button and you’ll get the ‘Virus Shield.’ There’s no advertising, no forms to fill out, basically nothing. That’s because it does nothing. The app is simply two photos and users had paid to access and view an image at the push of a button.

Try to look up the developer of the app and you’ll find that he was also banned from for similar behaviors. Since the Play store has less stringent requirements for users, i.e. none, it’s easy for apps to get attention simply by being downloaded by large numbers of people.

virus shield

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