Google Releases the Orange Google+ Share Button

It was only a matter of time before Google+ improved their current share button offering.  While the company did make the +1 button available for use, there was not an easy, stylish way to include a Google+ share button on your blog.  Google has fixed that as they announced Tuesday on the Google+ blog, by introducing the new Google+ Share button.  Will this increase Google+’s viral spread?

The button shows you who’s shared a given link, and includes a few thumbnails of friends.  When clicked, the button gives you a small description of the link and an area where you can choose which person or which circles you want to share the item with.

To implement the button on your site, you just head over here to the official page and you’ll have options on how you want the button appear.  The basic options are the positioning, the size of the button and the language.  There’s an advanced section where you can specify the URL exactly, and also customize the Width.  The preview lets you see what the button will look like as well.

Are you going to start using the Google+ share button?