Google Releases Mobile App for Nokia S60 Phones: Also Maps & Gmail 2.0.6 for S60

Nokia S60 smartphone uses no longer have to feel shunned by Google. Google announced…

The importance of being immediate – Google Mobile App now for Nokia S60 smartphones

After installing it on a Nokia N96, I discovered that two other Google apps were update for the S60 too:

1. Gmail 2.0.6
2. Maps

An earlier version of Google Maps was already on the N96 and updated. But, I must have missed the earlier Gmail releases (1.0 and 2.0) completely.

The Google Mobile App installed a widget right on the N96’s home screen. Pressing the “C” (clear) button launches it immediately. It can also tune itself to your current location if you choose that option. And, it includes simple navigation to other Google mobile friendly apps and web services.

Gmail for S60 has the oddest login screens I’ve seen since the last time I used Opera Mini on my Windows Mobile smartphone. Instead of typing your username and password directly in the login screen, it clear the display for each entry giving you the entire screen to enter your username and then (after accepting the username) password in another full screen text entry box. However, once I got past that oddness, Gmail worked great on the N96.

I don’t think the Google Maps for S60 update includes any new features. However, it does seem to run a lot faster on the N96 that the previous minor dot-point release. Even the Google Locations feature seems to run faster with this release.

If you have Nokia S60 based smartphone, all three Google mobile apps are good addition to consider for your smartphone app toolkit.