Google Releases Blogger App

Blogger is often overlooked amongst Google’s web apps, but it is actually one of the very first webblog platforms that ever existed, and you can still use it to create your own blog that is hosted on Google’s servers for free. While there has been WordPress, Tumblr, and Posterous blogging apps for Android, Google had not provided a Blogger app. Today Google addressed the gap by releasing the official Blogger app for Android.

Long ago I used Blogger to manage my Pocket PC web site, but stopped doing that when Blogger dropped its FTP publishing capability. While back then you could use Blogger to manage a blog hosted on your own domain, today Blogger will only blogs hosted by Google. When I first started the Blogger app it did not recognize that there were any blogs associated with my Google account until I removed or migrated my old FTP blogs.

Before you can start using the Blogger app you need to create a blog using a PC. All you need to do is go to, log in with your Google account, and create a blog, The process is easy and quick. After you have your blog all set up, you can run the Blogger app on Android and it automatically finds the blogs associated to your Google account.

As you can see from the screenshot, writing a blog post with the app is very straight forward. You enter a title, the the body of the post, add a picture, provide a label, which is Blogger’s terminology for tags, and either save the blog post on the phone to edit later, or publish the post to your blog. The Blogger app does not provide any tools to markup the text in a post, and I think it would be nice if they provided ways to add hyperlinks and format text with things like bold and italics.

You can either take a photo by tapping the camera button, or select one from the photo gallery. The Blogger app is integrated with Android’s Sharing capability, which makes it possible to publish pictures from the Gallery app or include tweets in a post from your favorite Twitter app.

If you already use Blogger, you will likely be happy that an Android app exists, otherwise, Blogger is one of seveal options available for Android if you want to create a blog and post to it from your phone.