Google Reader Is Dead! Long Live Google Alerts!

Still mourning Google Reader? The service’s early demise was a sad, sad thing, because it also killed our ability to receive Google Alerts via RSS feeds. As we all know, these feeds were one of PR pros’ favorite tools for keeping tabs on media mentions of clients, competitors, and topics of interest.

But it’s not really such a big deal, as Honey general manager Alyssa Galella explains after treating us to a cool GIF:

The easiest way to fill that hole in your RSS-happy heart once occupied by the GR is to download Feedly. But that’s not all—here’s her custom solution, which will allow you to scroll through relevant content/email alerts without filling your inbox to the breaking point:

  • Direct your Google Alerts toward your email address rather than your RSS feed (RIP). It’s best to set up a new address to avoid turning your main folder into a spam landing zone
  • Create your own custom RSS feed and accompanying email address with the Emails to RSS forwarding app
  • Add this feed to your new reader
  • Set up the forwarding feature in your Gmail account(s) to send email alerts to the same reader feed
  • Create a filter to make sure that your reader displays ALL the email alerts you need to see

The all-in-one Alerts > RSS app is supposed to launch later this month, but for now Galella’s solution works.

Anyone else found ways to replace the RSS Reader?