Google Reader For Android

Ever since Android launched one app that Google did not provide is Google Reader, and today they filled that gap by releasing Google Reader for Android. The app works with the Google Reader web app by displaying your subscriptions, starred items, and people that you follow.

Unlike other RSS reader apps for Android, the Google Reader app does not cache the feed contents to the phone, instead it retrieves feed content when you open the feed. If your phone is not connected to the Internet you will not be able to display items to read. While not storing items on the phone means you can’t read them without an Internet connection, it also means that phone storage is not used for saving the content of the feeds. It also means that items that are marked read are instantly updated so you don’t see them when you switch to the desktop web version of Google Reader.

The program is very straightforward, when you open a subscription the headers of unread items display, which you tap to read. There are buttons at the bottom of each item that you tap to move back and forth between items, or you can turn on a setting that allows you to press the volume up and down buttons to move between items. Press the menu button to star, like, share, or make a note about each item. To mark all the items in a feed as read tap the menu button and select the Mark All As Read option.

If you are interested in checking out Google Reader on your Android phone, you will find it for free in the Android Market.