Google pushes for higher quality tablet apps on Google Play

iOS may have the lead in the tablet market now, but Google is looking to change that by improving Google Play’s tablet resources. The company has just released a blog post outlining how to create top-quality Android apps for tablets, accompanied by case studies and documentation.

The company’s new Tablet App Quality Checklist is basically a cheatsheet for developers to help them create Android tablet apps that will meet “the expectations of tablet users” — i.e., look as good as those found on iPads and Kindle Fires. According to today’s post, Google is also doubling down on its promotional efforts; the company is creating a new set of Google Play collections specifically to showcase high quality tablet apps.

Its a logical move for Google to try to improve its tablet experience. Until the release of the Nexus 7, most Android-based tablets — with the exception of Amazon’s line of Kindle Fire tablets — hadn’t been able to do much to challenge the market dominance of Apple’s iPad.

Now that Google has its own horse in the Android tablet race, it doesn’t take much of a leap to see that the quality of Android tablet apps has to improve. Not only to ensure that developers want to see the same kind of conversion and monetization they see from iPad apps, but to ensure Android tablets sell at all. With Apple heavily rumored to release a smaller, lower-cost 7” tablet in time for the holidays, Android tablets likely won’t have the advantage of a significantly lower price-point when consumers are looking at their tablet options.