Google Profile on the Way to Becoming a Lifestreaming Service?

I wasn’t really paying attention to my Google Profile until now when I read Steve Rubel of Micro Persuasion writing about its new feature which lets stream photos to your Profile. If you’re using Picasa Web Album which is Google Photo uploading site, you simply tick on it to let Google Profile stream your most recent photos or specify a specific album to stream. To stream your photos from other services such as Flickr or Zooomr, you need to specify the URL feed of that service.

As a review Google Profile is a feature of your Google Account which aims to centralized your Google real estate. Google has been trying to promote Google Profile but they can’t seem to manage in getting significant usage. But if you will give it a few moment of your time, you’d notice how Google Profile has evolve into becoming a Social Networking Profile. In fact it could actually be your social networking profile for the social network called Google. Makes sense right?

Recently Google has enabled Google Profile to be searchable, so that pretty much gives you hits and coverage in the Google search engine. And more importantly, your Google Profile serves as your personal information acount for various Google products and services including Knol, when sharing items on Google Reader, creating Maps and many other services. So, if you have the time, it would be beneficial to spice up your Google Profile a little to make it look professional and enrich with relevant information about you. In fact, you can put so much description about yourself and keyword optimized it to make people find and discover your profile easily.

And for starter, you may want to start by adding photo streams to your Google Profile which like we said was just enabled by Google. And while you’re at it you may want to edit your profile some more if you haven’t done so like me.

You can add several links to your online properties as well as link to your social networking accounts, write keyword rich description of yourself and your online activities, put up a geo-map location of yourself using Google Maps and more. Google Profile is also part of the Open Social movement, it being a Google property, so you’d be delighted to find out that it works well with various social networking sites and lifestreaming services such as Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed and more.

Interestingly while you’re adding information to your profile, Google will keep on gathering information about you and present links to various online properties that it finds on the web and suggest that you add it as a link to your Google Profile.

Google Profile has the potential to become a full-blown social networking site. What it lacks of course is a real-time communication facility to add friends and contacts. But I would like to believe that Google is already working on it. Good luck to us all!

If you’re interested to see my Google Profile, check it out here.