Google PR: Mass BCC’ers?

When you need to get the word out quick, do you send an email to certain “bcc” lists you have saved in Outlook? Rifle off a bunch of “semi-personal” emails? How about building lists in an address book software?

The BCC method scares us for one reason: eventually you end up making a mistake and end up sharing your media list with the world. When you are the recipient of this mistake, as we were when managing editor Rebecca Fox incidentally CC’d a media list, it’s not too bad. Score!

However, when you are at the sending end, it’s not a fun experience. PR Meets Marketing blog recently noticed a Twitter post from Andy Beal that said:

Google PR just sent me an email. the CCd instead of BCC – I know have email addys for all major journalists! Woohoohaha. Wow, this journalist email list is GOLD, shame I’m too ethical to do anything with it.

That reminds PRNewser of our three step process for media list building.

1) Get on more press lists
2) Hope for mistakes
3) Obtain free press lists

Seriously though folks, mediabistro sprung for a Cision (Bacon’s) account a while back, so we’re doing just fine.