From American Pie to Google+

If you go solely by Ron Gorodetzky’s IMDb page, the UC San Diego grad does not impress. All that’s listed is a credit as “robot consultant” for 2005 video sequel American Pie Presents Band Camp.

However, once you read today’s LA Times profile piece by Nathan Olivarez-Giles, a very different picture emerges. Turns out the American Pie gig was just a detour made possible by his sister and brother-in-law. On the Internet day job side, Gorodetzky has triumphed at Digg, Revision3, Fflick and now Google+ as part of a team of engineers seeking to integrate YouTube into the company’s social media app:

“We’re playing with some ideas–what sort of useful information can you extract from YouTube comments and how can we make things more social,” he said. “Who are people who are like you and who are your friends and how can we make the experience more social… If your friends are sharing a video or your friends like a video, you may like it too. That’s sort of a premise that seems to hold true. So we’re finding a way to bring that video to you.”

Sounds a lot more ambitious and high-paying than helping a bunch of on-screen Hollywood teens remotely spy on girls.

[Photo courtesy Universal Pictures]