Google Play’s App Revenue Share Up 8% From November

While the Apple App Store leads the app market in terms of total revenue, a new report from Distimo suggests that Google Play is capturing more revenue share in the app business.

The report, which compared revenues from Apple’s App Store and Google Play in April 2013, revealed that Google Play’s “piece of the pie has increased significantly over the past six months.” Back in November, Google only owned 19% of the combined revenue between the two marketplace, but in April 2013, Google’s this share went up by eight percentage points to 27 percent.

Revenue shares in in Japan and South Korea helped fuel this growth. Here is more from the report:

We draw the conclusion that although the majority of applications still generate more revenue in the Apple App Store than in Google Play, there appears to be a great opportunity in Google Play in terms of revenue – and (as noted in previous publications) localization is the key.