Google Photovine Open to Everyone Now. Doesn’t Play Well With Other Googlely Things

Google’s Photovine has been in a private beta mode for a few months now. It became open for use by anyone who registers for the service this week. Photovine lets people create arbitrary themes and then have other people contribute photos related to that theme.


After creating my account, I browsed a series of sets of photos with a variety of themes and then tried creating one of my own. It was a simple as choosing a photo from the library on my iPad and then providing a theme name.

After uploading the photo to Photovine, I had the option of sharing it using Facebook or Twitter.

The shared photo and Photovine theme appeared in my Facebook status stream as can been seen in the screenshot above.

While this initial experience was simple and worked as expected, Photovine has a number of quirks.

1. Photovine does not let you use an existing Gmail account to login. This is the way it works, for example, with Google Docs and and Google+. It should be noted that Slide, while owned by Google, appears to be working independently.

2. Photovine cannot share a photo and theme with Google+.

3. After verifying my email address, Photovine logged me out of the iPad app and will not let me login again. So, it looks like this will be the first and las time I use Photovine.