Google Phone/Nexus One Info Roundup: Some Details Don’t Make Sense

Here’s what I think will be my last info roundup of the currently mythical Google Phone (Nexus One)…

Gizmodo: Leaked Nexus One Documents: $530 Unlocked, $180 With T-Mobile

TmoNews: T-Mobile “Officially” Confirms Google Phone

All Things Digital: Google Announces Jan. 5 Android Event

There seems to be consensus of a January 5, 2010 (next week Tuesday) announcement. Beyond that, the Gizmodo rumor item seems to have the most specific information (assuming any of it is correct). Some of the information given just seems odd…

– Unsubsidized Price: $530. This seems like an odd unsubsidized price number to me and makes me most suspicious of the accuracy of the information. $500 ($499.99) or $550 ($549.99) seems like the kind of number we most often see.

– Subsidized Price: $180. This subsidized price seems a bit odd to me too. T-Mobile sells the myTouch 3G for $150, the CLIQ for $200 and the Samsung Behold II for $230. If Google wants a lot of people in the U.S. to buy and use this phone, the subsidized price should be about $100 (same as the low-end iPhone 3G). On the other hand, this might be an attempt not to undercut the Android hardware partners too much (although it does).

– T-Mobile Rate Plan: $79.99 per month. The lowest Verizon rate for the Droid is $70 per month from Verizon while the lowest iPhone rate plan from AT&T is also $70 per month. It doesn’t make sense for tiny T-Mobile to scare off potential customers by forcing a more expensive MRC (monthly recurring cost).

– Family Plan subscribers must buy an unsubsidized phone.

Other speculated details make more sense:

– Existing customers cannot keep current (lower) rate plan when purchasing a subsidized phone.

– One Google account can only order a maximum of five phones.