Google+ Pages Updated for the Holidays

Updates include multimanager support, new notifications

Just ahead of the holiday season, Google is wrapping new Google+ features and updates, including a few specific to its pages for brands and businesses.

“Some of these were on nearly everyone’s wish list . . . and some we hope will be welcome surprises,” said Bradley Horowitz, vp of product for Google+, in a blog post Monday morning. “These features will be rolling out over the next couple of days, and we hope you’ll find them useful this holiday season and beyond.”

Since launching brand and business pages last month, Google said it’s been listening to feedback and is rolling out three of the most highly requested features. For starters, the social network will now allow multimanager support. At launch, Google+ pages was criticized by tech pundits and social media professionals for restricting admin access to just one individual inside a company or organization. But now Google says up to 50 named managers can become administrators for a page.

To make sure that all of the managers can stay on top of page activity, Google has also added a new notification flow that lets each manager be involved in conversations and content sharing on the page.

Finally, hoping to give page managers and visitors a quicker way to see how many people have engaged with a page, Google said that pages now display a combined count of users that have +1-ed it or have added it to a circle.

For Google+ users, Google announced new controls to turn the volume up (or down) on posts from friends and family members. A slider at the top of each circle lets users adjust how prominently they want posts from that circle to feature in their stream. Google also revamped its red notifications indicator so that it offers “sneak previews” of new content, and it redesigned the photo-sharing experience in Google+ Photos for better navigation and tagging.