Google Owns You | Rupert Murdoch Is Alive | Sex! (dot com)

AgencySpy: Google wants to stalk your entire life on the boardwalk. Also, I love the narrator’s accent so much.

Guardian: Happy 79th birthday, Rupert Murdoch! You don’t look a day over a billion dollars.

Maltz Auctions: is being auctioned off. Just FYI in case you felt like getting some auction tonight. Sorry.

The Huffington Post: Former actress Lindsay Lohan is suing E-Trade for an ad they ran using a “milkaholic” baby named Lindsay. Lohan argues that, like Cher or Madonna or Vlad the Impaler, she is famous enough to be known on a first name basis.

FishbowlLA: Howard Stern thinks Gabourey Sidibe should work on getting thin in order to make it in Hollywood. We suppose receiving an Oscar nomination for your first film role just isn’t as prestigious as starring in Private Parts, now that we think about it.