Google A Great Data Trove About Smartphones

Google launched a new site to help find data for to all kinds of questions about smartphone. The site is named The data used came from surveys conducted by Google who has made it free available to everyone. The site’s data analysis is wizard driven and starts off by providing five starting point categories: Penetration (consumer adoption), behavior, activities, commerce and advertising. Each category provides a variety of sub-categories to drill down too. The final step is to choose which countries to include in resulting chart. Additional data filters (e.g., age and gender) can be applied to the chart after it is displayed. The result of the wizard based query can be downloaded as a PNG image, Excel spreadsheet or CSV data file.

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While many of the query results are simple to interpret, three are some in the behavior and activity categories are puzzling. Asking about email usage on smartphones, for example, results in high, medium and low percentages. However, there is no explanation about what these usage categories mean. However, the site and its data certainly look potentially useful to anyone interested in all kinds of aspects of smartphone use around the world.

You can find the site at: