Google: Now it’s personal.

Goog.gifIn keeping with its eventual plans for world domination — which frankly, is getting boring already — Google is now looking to muscle into the world of classified ads, which will drive yet another nail into the coffin of poor beleaguered print journalism. With the very new, barely-beta “Google Base” — spotted online yesterday before quickly being yanked, and not itself yet Google-able — Google looks poised to bring its web-clout to the world of searchable online classifieds (not to mention online auctions as well). Print journalism: not happy. Meanwhile, its plans to implement a free wifi mesh in San Francisco has already got local outfits worried at the prospect of diverted ad dollars from local papers, but Google Base will affect the market on a national scale (as will the eventual ascendance of national Google Wi-Fi — and beyond!). Oh print, screwed again. Google, have you no mercy?

p.s. It’s not a Google post if we can’t include the italicized words “–and beyond!”

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Update, Oct. 27/05: The WSJ agrees with us. So does Forbes. Upshot? Newspapers are skee-rewed.